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Machinery Acoustic Needs among Manufacturing Industry is Completed


During the Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015 Machinery Acoustics Oy discussed with almost all ”big” Machine/Machinery manufacturers in Finland (only one did not welcome us) to find out attitu

On Research Services in Finland

We are seriously considering discontinuing our Research and partly even R&D&I services for the Technology/Manufacturing Industry. The reason is public funding.

On Politics


Ari had the most eye opening experience few weeks ago. That was in Wind Power Noise Workshop (

Contemporary noise control trends in Finnish Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing

Application of add-on noise control materials (esp. absorption materials) are being minimized. At the same time, the applications of high strength steels (and other alloys) is increasing.

Ari Karjalainen, ABM


Ari has succesfully passed the ABM (Approved board member) program by Tampereen kauppakamari and Hallituspartnerit ry.!

For more info on the program see

Machinery Acoustics Gaining Momentum


Members to Project Steering Groups of Hybrids Program  were nominated on Feb. 14. Ari Karjalainen was nominated to Steering Group of