2015 in a nut shell



A customer, is on the verge of making a breakthrough with their noise control concept. Totally new turn over possibilities in the field!

Electronic devices segment was more active than ever.

Our FIMECC project has offered a great possibility to study deeper sound quality and citizen experience. And gain understanding of the level of expertise among our “rivals”, VTT and the late FIOH (TTL in Finnish). We now understand that their tools and understanding of the design and development needs in manufacturing industry are, to put it politely, from the last millennium.

Among smaller companies, co-operation possibilities in the field of sound, vibration and fatigue, seem the best ever.

Our turnover for fiscal year 2015 was next to the best ever. And year 2016 will be the best ever.


Finnish manufacturing industry was still heading downwards, when it comes to RDI investment. And even year 2016 there exists companies that can afford to learn machinery acoustics without expertise from the field.

It is really terrible to compete against 90 % public funding (so called research projects/programs). Very few understand that even 10 dB gain in productivity can be achieved by the private sector!


Have a great year 2016!

And feel free to contact us, whenever You need assistance in the fields of machinery acoustics, sound, vibration and/or durability. Hope to hear from You!