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Solutions for Silence in practice

Study. First we familiarize ourselves with the machine and machinery and its design and production processes, and the limitations arising from those. After that, the actual noise control begins with source ranking analysis.

Design. In machinery acoustics the design target is silence. The designs are not based on guru feelings, but rather on justifiable studies. The justification comes from measurement, calculation and simulation analysis combined with engineering design requirements.

Measurements and simulations. We measure, calculate and simulate the dynamic and static properties and interactions of machines and components. This helps us to understand how both the whole and its substructures behave dynamically. We exploit up-to-date measurement and simulation techniques, if necessary performed by a service provider. Among other things these studies provide information on what is the achievable noise level of a particular concept.

Measurement set-ups. In order to support full-scale measurements, calculations and simulations, we develop, design and even build mock-ups. The mock-ups enable more reliable measurements on component or substructure level than a whole machine. These are extremely applicable in RDI work where the dynamic behavior and substructure performance are of interest. We also design and build anechoic and semi-anechoic measurement boots, especially for electronics industry.

Analysis. We analyze measurements, calculations and simulations, and rank the noise sources and structures. We always consider both the whole machine and substructures from machine performance and acoustics points of views. Every so often it is not enough to consider the noise emission only, but one also needs to evaluate sound quality issues.

Project management. We are an expert in technical project management, are we have a large network of other consults and engineers whose expertise we can also rely on. This means that we can take the lead in the RDI and design processes in concurrent engineering projects. This is the ultimate way of exploiting our Solutions for Silence approach.

Training and education. We train and consult various industries in machinery acoustic issues and help them develop and design more efficient and silent products. We offer training in (vibro)acoustics, vibrations, flow dynamics, systems thinking, measurements and simulations. We can also help sales personnel to understand the possibilities and limitations of noise requirements, and how they relate to profitability.