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Owner and Board Member. How does your Machinery Acoustic strategy look like? Besides greatly improving competitiveness, it helps Your Company e.g. to become a "Good Citizen".

CEO, CTO and VP. I take you are already aiming beyond the existing standards in Your R&D&I.   Since solving the challenges and taking advantage of the possibilities arising from dynamic phenomena (e.g. acoustics and vibrations) help your products to reach a competitive edge. 

Sales Professional. As you know, noise and vibration issues can be your competitive edge in over the oriental competitors. And at the same, they enable better margins. We can help you on this road.

Buyer. Have you ever wondered how to rank or race your suppliers based on noise and vibration knowledge?

Measurements or Simulations Professional. Have you ever wondered, if the measurements and/or models could be better targeted to help engineering problem solving? And to understand the underlying physics?

Audio engineer. We have designed and built 8 different types of measurements set ups.


No Matter who You are, we can solve Your Challenge.